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As a company with many years of experience, we are able to provide a wide range of window cleaning methods to cater for the demands of all of our customers. We can provide a professional regular service, or a professional one off service. Either way, we will ensure that all work is carried out by fully qualified staff, covered by full liability insurance and a guarantee that you will be at least 100% satisfied with the work upon completion.

To comply with the latest Health and Safety Regulations, we primarily offer our water fed pole service as the preferred method of window cleaning. However, we do appreciate that not every property is suited to this system and can also offer the traditional window cleaning service.

The specialised ‘purified’ water system consists of a high reach water fed pole (reaching heights of up to 75ft), along with entirely pure water. The method consists of brushing the windows to detach all dirt, followed by rinsing the window to completely remove any leftovers. Because we use ‘purified’ water, and there is no longer any chlorine, magnesium, or limescale elements within the water, the water is left on the windows to dry naturally, leaving a completely streak free finish.

An additional advantage of the water fed pole system is that all of your frames and sills will be cleaned along with the windows, ultimately improving the image of your property.

Windows can be cleaned on a basis to suit your schedule, or simply as a one off service. All clients are contacted prior to the due date of their next scheduled clean, to ensure that it is convenient for the cleaning to go ahead and if necessary arrange any additional work to be carried out.


Additional Services

  • Conservatory Valeting – Internal/External Glass – Internal/External uPVC – Blind Cleaning (taking down and putting back up if necessary)*
  • Internal Glass Cleaning – Glass windows of any size – Glass mirrors of any size – Glass stair panels
  • Sign Cleaning – Shop signs/canopes – Public signs – Transport signs – Street signs
  • uPVC – Gutter fascias – Cladding – Doors.
*All furniture will either be removed or covered up when carrying out internal work.
STB Professional Cleaning
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