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Why get gutters cleared? Simply because if they are ignored, they may result in major damage, and ultimately, major repair costs..

Maintenance of gutters will definitely save you money over the long run as the damage caused by overflowing gutters can be overwhelming.

When gutters are blocked with leaves, soil, pine cones and other debris they cause a restriction on water flow, which prevents the gutters from doing their job. Water and moisture is therefore held in the blocked location and will sink into anything it possibly can. As most gutters are attached to a wooden fascia board which are also attached to untreated timber roof frames, the problems would be catastrophic if these areas succumb to wood rot.

Often, people do not realise that their gutters need clearing until they realise that rain water is pouring over the piping or they can visibly see damp appearing through the walls, however, dampening within the walls is a sign that damage has already been done and may have actually caused internal damage within the property. Previous cases have even involved dampening of building walls which have then interfered with the building electrics, and destroying the entire electrical network within the property.

STB cleaning have been clearing gutters since 2000 and over the years and even to this date we encounter many situations where we haven’t before, but because of the extensive knowledge, can always find a safe solution.

In most cases, we clear gutters whilst operating from ground level. The Gutter Vac system allows us to view debris and blockages from the pole mounted camera, and clear them using the vacuum pole system up to levels of 35ft (3 storeys).

For guttering higher than this, we would often have to perform the task from a cherry picker.

Our prices are very competitive and are backed by our price promise.

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